Android Dalvik Debug Monitor Service

A Dalvik Debug Monitoring Services(DSMS) use the DDMS to monitor and control the Emulators on which you are debugging your applications. Android Emulator to run your projects and the DDMS to help debug them.

The DDMS perspective in Eclipse also provides simplified access to screen captures of the Emulator and the logs generated by LogCat.

Package Explorer

The Eclipse ADT plug-in comes with a Wizard to create new Android apps. All you have to do is enter a few bits of information into the wizard, and it makes a fully functional application for you.

Launch the New Android Project wizard by going to File , New Android project, then fill in the fields to make your new project.

To look at the project contents, click on the a Package Explorer a tab in Eclipse.

  • Src
  • Gen
  • Assets
  • Bin
  • Libs
  • Res


The behavior of Android apps in built with Java code. A java file is create and Java code lives.

This code controls what happens when button are pressed, calls to servers, and any other behavior that your aap is doing.


The behavior of other Java file is performed in gen as a and file created.


Android apps need to do more than just deliver great functionality they need to look great doing it. You’ll be using image to style your app and give them custom polished looks. The images and other raw binary resources in this directory are include in your app.


Android app is performed as xml file of AndroidManifest.xml file as .Its file performed as a version code and use of sdk.


Libs is perfome as a android support .jar file .


It's a Resources and XML layouts for Android apps,layouts are primarily defined in XML rather than code. All sorts of other properties are defined in XML too like string values, colors, and more.

In this file AndroidMaindest.xml ,,proguard.cfg it's a Configuration files of Android Java code, XML resources, and binary assets and define it. Android home screen, to the different screens in your app are defined in these configuration files.