Python Identifiers

Programming becomes fun when the language used is simple and easy - this is what every programmer looks forward for - in order to ease the tension of the programmers the latest hit in the market is the python programming. It is an easy to use language and easily applicable for various applications. Here we shall understand some of the python identifiers which are used for the programming.

The python identifiers are basically the names which are given to the fundamental building blocks in a particular program.

These building blocks can be class, objects, variables, lists, functions, directories etc. and certain rules have to be followed to use identifiers.

Some main point of python identifiers

  • An identifier is a long sequence of characters and numbers.
  • No special character except underscore ( _ ) can be used.
  • Keyword should be not used as an any identifier name.
  • Python is case sensitive.
  • First character of an identifier can be character, you can mark underscore ( _ ) but not any digit.