Python Variables

Python is the programming language which is very easy to use and this language can be used for various types of applications. Nowadays most of the programmers prefer to use this language for the purpose of creating various codes.

There are different python variables - the variable is the place where the memory location of the data is the stored. When the variable is stored this essentially means that there is a particular space which is allocated for that particular memory. Now let us see how can assign values to the variables.

In case of python programming there is no need to specifically mention the variables in this language. When the value is assigned to a particular variable then that variable is automatically declared. The assignment is done with the help of equal operator.

Besides this you can also have multiple assignment variables - this can be done all at a time. There are basically two ways to assign the values in Python assigning single to multiple values and the other assigning multiple to multiple values.

The assignment is done using the equal (=) operator.

variable = a, name,post,salary

values= 20, mithilesh,Developer,23000

print a
print name
print post
print salary


Most important this print statement line :->>> print a; print name; print post; print salary;